Advanced queries are supported. Available fields: text, name, set, expansion, format, from, into, type, color, rarity, number, weakness, resistance, has, pokedex, artist
Can combine multiple fields, examples:
  • professor format:standard all professor cards in standard
  • text:"GX" type:supporter supporter cards that reference GX
  • color:r weakness:L fire pokemon with lightning weakness
  • (set:bs OR set:ju OR set:fo) AND rarity:rare rare cards in Base Set, Jungle or Fossil
  • text:"show it to your opponent" -text:"your hand" exact terms, except the latter term (- means NOT)
Colors: R (Fire), L, G, F, W, P, C, D, M, N (Dragon), Y (Fairy) Operators: AND (default), OR, NOT Please reach out to axpendix to help improve this documentation. For the tech savvy, the search was implemented by Lucene, full docs to the QL.
Treasure Energy (EVS 165)
Lightning Energy (EVS 235)
Darkness Energy (EVS 236)
Metal Energy (EVS 237)
Impact Energy (CRE 157)
Lucky Energy (CRE 158)
Spiral Energy (CRE 159)
Water Energy (CRE 231)
Psychic Energy (CRE 232)
Fighting Energy (CRE 233)
Rapid Strike Energy (BST 140)
Single Strike Energy (BST 141)
Rapid Strike Energy (BST 182)
Single Strike Energy (BST 183)
Aromatic G Energy Vivid Voltage 162 (VIV 162)
Coating M Energy Vivid Voltage 163 (VIV 163)
Stone F Energy Vivid Voltage 164 (VIV 164)
Wash W Energy Vivid Voltage 165 (VIV 165)
Heat Fire Energy (DAA 174)
Hiding Darkness Energy (DAA 175)
Powerful Colorless Energy (DAA 176)
Capture Energy (DAA 201)
Capture Energy (RCL 171)
Horror Psychic Energy (RCL 172)
Speed Lightning Energy (RCL 173)
Twin Energy (RCL 174)
Twin Energy (RCL 209)
Aurora Energy (SSH 186)
Psychic Energy (SSH 217)
Metal Energy (SSH 218)
Grass Energy (SSH 219)
Fire Energy (SSH 220)
Water Energy (SSH 221)
Lightning Energy (SSH 222)
Fighting Energy (SSH 223)
Darkness Energy (SSH 224)
Fairy Energy (SSH 225)
Draw Energy (CEC 209)
Draw Energy (CEC 271)
Recycle Energy (UNM 212)
Weakness Guard Energy (UNM 213)
Recycle Energy (UNM 257)
Weakness Guard Energy (UNM 258)
Triple Acceleration Energy (UNB 190)
Triple Acceleration Energy (UNB 234)
Memory Energy (LOT 194)
Rainbow Energy (CLS 151)
Rainbow Energy (CLS 183)
Beast Energy ◇ (FLI 117)
Unit Energy FDY (FLI 118)
Unit Energy FDY (FLI 146)
Super Boost Energy ◇ (UPR 136)
Unit Energy GRW (UPR 137)
Unit Energy LPM (UPR 138)
Unit Energy GRW (UPR 170)
Unit Energy LPM (UPR 171)
Counter Energy (CIN 100)
Counter Energy (CIN 122)
Warp Energy (CIN 123)
Water Energy (CIN 124)
Double Colorless Energy (SLG 69)
Warp Energy (SLG 70)
Fire Energy (BUS 167)
Darkness Energy (BUS 168)
Fairy Energy (BUS 169)
Double Colorless Energy (GRI 166)
Grass Energy (GRI 167)
Lightning Energy (GRI 168)
Fighting Energy (GRI 169)
Double Colorless Energy (SUM 136)
Rainbow Energy (SUM 137)
Psychic Energy (SUM 162)
Metal Energy (SUM 163)
Grass Energy (SUM 164)
Fire Energy (SUM 165)
Water Energy (SUM 166)
Lightning Energy (SUM 167)
Psychic Energy (SUM 168)
Fighting Energy (SUM 169)
Darkness Energy (SUM 170)
Metal Energy (SUM 171)
Fairy Energy (SUM 172)
Double Colorless Energy (EVO 90)
Grass Energy (EVO 91)
Fire Energy (EVO 92)
Water Energy (EVO 93)
Lightning Energy (EVO 94)
Psychic Energy (EVO 95)
Fighting Energy (EVO 96)
Darkness Energy (EVO 97)
Metal Energy (EVO 98)
Fairy Energy (EVO 99)
Double Colorless Energy (FCO 114)
Strong Energy (FCO 115)
Double Colorless Energy (GEN 74)
Grass Energy (GEN 75)
Fire Energy (GEN 76)
Water Energy (GEN 77)
Lightning Energy (GEN 78)
Psychic Energy (GEN 79)