Advanced queries are supported. Available fields: text, name, set, expansion, format, from, into, type, color, rarity, number, weakness, resistance, has, pokedex, artist
Can combine multiple fields, examples:
  • professor format:standard all professor cards in standard
  • text:"GX" type:supporter supporter cards that reference GX
  • color:r weakness:L fire pokemon with lightning weakness
  • (set:bs OR set:ju OR set:fo) AND rarity:rare rare cards in Base Set, Jungle or Fossil
  • text:"show it to your opponent" -text:"your hand" exact terms, except the latter term (- means NOT)
Colors: R (Fire), L, G, F, W, P, C, D, M, N (Dragon), Y (Fairy) Operators: AND (default), OR, NOT Please reach out to axpendix to help improve this documentation. For the tech savvy, the search was implemented by Lucene, full docs to the QL.
Leafeon VMAX (EVS 8)
Trevenant VMAX (EVS 14)
Flareon VMAX (EVS 18)
Gyarados VMAX (EVS 29)
Vaporeon VMAX (EVS 30)
Glaceon VMAX (EVS 41)
Jolteon VMAX (EVS 51)
Dracozolt VMAX (EVS 59)
Espeon VMAX (EVS 65)
Sylveon VMAX (EVS 75)
Lycanroc VMAX (EVS 92)
Umbreon VMAX (EVS 95)
Garbodor VMAX (EVS 101)
Rayquaza VMAX (EVS 111)
Duraludon VMAX (EVS 123)
Leafeon VMAX (EVS 204)
Leafeon VMAX (EVS 205)
Trevenant VMAX (EVS 206)
Gyarados VMAX (EVS 207)
Glaceon VMAX (EVS 208)
Glaceon VMAX (EVS 209)
Dracozolt VMAX (EVS 210)
Sylveon VMAX (EVS 211)
Sylveon VMAX (EVS 212)
Lycanroc VMAX (EVS 213)
Umbreon VMAX (EVS 214)
Umbreon VMAX (EVS 215)
Garbodor VMAX (EVS 216)
Rayquaza VMAX (EVS 217)
Rayquaza VMAX (EVS 218)
Duraludon VMAX (EVS 219)
Duraludon VMAX (EVS 220)
Celebi VMAX (CRE 8)
Blaziken VMAX (CRE 21)
Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX (CRE 46)
Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX (CRE 75)
Sandaconda VMAX (CRE 90)
Galarian Slowking VMAX (CRE 100)
Metagross VMAX (CRE 113)
Tornadus VMAX (CRE 125)
Celebi VMAX (CRE 199)
Blaziken VMAX (CRE 200)
Blaziken VMAX (CRE 201)
Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX (CRE 202)
Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX (CRE 203)
Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX (CRE 204)
Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX (CRE 205)
Sandaconda VMAX (CRE 206)
Galarian Slowking VMAX (CRE 207)
Metagross VMAX (CRE 208)
Tornadus VMAX (CRE 209)
Flapple VMAX (BST 19)
Victini VMAX (BST 22)
Tapu Koko VMAX (BST 51)
Single Strike Urshifu VMAX (BST 86)
Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX (BST 88)
Corviknight VMAX (BST 110)
Flapple VMAX (BST 164)
Victini VMAX (BST 165)
Tapu Koko VMAX (BST 166)
Single Strike Urshifu VMAX (BST 167)
Single Strike Urshifu VMAX (BST 168)
Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX (BST 169)
Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX (BST 170)
Corviknight VMAX (BST 171)
Dhelmise VMAX (SHF 10)
Cinderace VMAX (SHF 19)
Morpeko VMAX (SHF 38)
Crobat VMAX (SHF 45)
Ditto VMAX (SHF 51)
Cramorant VMAX (SHF 55)
Alcremie VMAX (SHF 73)
Rillaboom VMAX (SHF SV106)
Charizard VMAX (SHF SV107)
Centiskorch VMAX (SHF SV109)
Lapras VMAX (SHF SV111)
Toxtricity VMAX (SHF SV113)
Grimmsnarl VMAX (SHF SV117)
Ditto VMAX (SHF SV119)
Eternatus VMAX (SHF SV122)
Orbeetle VMAX (VIV 21)
Galarian Darmanitan VMAX (VIV 37)
Pikachu VMAX (VIV 44)
Coalossal VMAX (VIV 99)
Aegislash VMAX (VIV 127)
Togekiss VMAX (VIV 141)
Orbeetle VMAX (VIV 186)
Galarian Darmanitan VMAX (VIV 187)
Pikachu VMAX (VIV 188)
Coalossal VMAX (VIV 189)
Aegislash VMAX (VIV 190)
Togekiss VMAX (VIV 191)
Drednaw VMAX (CPA 15)
Gardevoir VMAX (CPA 17)
Alcremie VMAX (CPA 23)
Charizard VMAX (CPA 74)
Drednaw VMAX (CPA 75)
Gardevoir VMAX (CPA 76)
Butterfree VMAX (DAA 2)
Charizard VMAX (DAA 20)